GENERAL ENQUIRIES 07799 855850 | ABOYNE LODGE CLUB 07502 023209 | ALBAN CITY CLUB 07425 888544

GENERAL ENQUIRIES 07799 855850 | ABOYNE LODGE CLUB 07502 023209 | ALBAN CITY CLUB 07425 888544 | BERNARDS HEATH JUNIOR CLUB 07387 783778



ABC Breakfast Club & XYZ After School Club – ST ALBANS

Alban City School Family

“Molly really enjoys breakfast club, so first off a big thank you to you and all the team who run it. Molly is also very interested in joining her friends at After School Club, it seems it sounds like they have a terrific amount of fun! We don’t technically ‘need’ her to go to afterschool club as I have been able to flex my hours and can pick her up every day, but she’s desperate to go – take your reputation as a huge compliment from the children who do attend!”

October 2015

Aboyne Lodge School Family

 “I wanted to ask you to pass on a big thanks to everyone in the breakfast club (and you as well of course!) for making Evan so welcome and helping with settling him in. He is finding saying goodbye really hard at the moment but everyone is being so lovely to him, it’s really helping.”

Sept 2015

Aboyne Lodge School Family

 “… a life-saver on so many occassions, always fitting the boys in for ad-hoc sessions even at extremley short notice. What would we have done without you?! Both boys always had a great time and never once were unhappy about going which is quite something to say. Thank you for taking such good care of J & L…”

July 2015

Alban City School Family

“Sophie has enjoyed both breakfast and after school club this year. I don’t get to see much of what you do, but you are all clearly doing lots of things right and very well! All of the staff I chat to at drop off and pick up are always very friendly, happy and helpful – which is wonderful. Sophie can’t wait to go to breakfast club and after school club and that says it all to me!”

July 2015