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WELCOME– We run a Breakfast Club and an Afterschool Club at Springmead School. Our aim is to run clubs where the children enjoy relaxed, free-play sessions. The sessions in the evenings include a variety of adult-led activities, as well as a choice of both indoor and outdoor games. Our sessions are planned across each half-term, with a theme to support the adult-led activities. We offer a healthy breakfast in the mornings and light snack in the evening – this will range from sandwiches, bagels, wraps and pittas with a choice of fillings, as well as the occasional hot snack of soup, baked beans, frankfurters etc.

INFORMATION – Our rules are simple and are made to ensure the safety of each and every child – children will be encouraged to behave responsibly and to respect both staff and each other. To enable all children to have fun safely, reasonable behaviour is essential. The Club expects and will encourage children to behave well and with respect for each other and the Club staff. Children are expected to respond to requests from staff. Repeated disobedience and/or persistent anti-social behaviour could disrupt the Club for all and consequently the Club reserves the right to exclude children whose behaviour falls below expected standards.

To ensure the children’s safety all staff have an enhanced CRB/DBS check. You can find a full list of our staff on our Staff page. A trained first aider will be available in the rare case of emergency. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to disclose any allergies or other medical conditions and provide a local emergency contact number.

OFSTED inspection report EY 538061

SESSIONS, FEES & BOOKING – ABC Breakfast Club opens from 7.30am with breakfast served until 8.15am (£6). XYZ Afterschool Club starts after school. KS1 Children will be collected from class (or any after school activity they attend on the school premises). Finish time is 5pm (£10) or 6.15pm (£13).

Fees will be collected for each half-term in advance. Invoices will be emailed to all parents two weeks before the end of each half term. Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, and all payment details are included on the invoice and on our website.

We usually request a deposit and registration fee for all ABC XYZ club members; this will be waived for all existing members of Springers.

Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM, and email back to us at info@xyzafterschool.co.uk.

TERM DATES – We follow the same term dates as the schools. Please visit the Springmead School website for latest term dates. Please note opening times for when school finishes at the end of term at 2pm. Breakfast Club will open as normal, however After School Club will NOT open.

CLUB ACTIVITIES – Children have free choice of any available activity they wish. Activities are supervised and include:

  • A range of adult-led activities
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Drawing and reading
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Construction toys

Any ideas or suggestions will be welcomed. Parents are always welcome to join the session and if you have a particular skill or hobby which you think the children might be interested in please contact us.

NEWSLETTERAutumn 2018 Newsletter

MENU ABC BREAKFAST CLUB – We offer a wide variety with something for everyone. The children enjoy a good breakfast to help them through the day and are always encouraged to have fruit. If there is something your child particularly requires such as rice milk this can be accommodated.

  • Choice of cereal served with organic milk: Weetabix, Rice Krispies, Bran flakes, Shreddies, Cheerios, Porridge
  • Hot buttered wholemeal toast, with jam, Marmite or honey
  • Choice of drinks: fruit juice (orange or apple), organic milk, water
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and a selection of dried fruit

MENU XYZ AFTERSCHOOL CLUB – The children will be encouraged to select their own snack. A full list of allergens is available in the setting. We do not serve any items containing nuts. We offer a light snack during the after school club which typically includes:

  • A sandwich of wholemeal bread, pitta, bagels or wraps with a choice of fillings- ham, cheese, chicken, homous
  • Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes etc
  • Fruit juices available throughout the session
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Choice of small yoghurt, cake or biscuit

CANCELLATION AND CHANGES – Cancellations must be made in writing/email with a half term’s notice. Non payment of fees is not accepted as notice of cancellation/change of days. ABC-XYZ Childcare Ltd. regret that you will be charged for children unable to attend through sickness or holidays and we are unable to offer “swap” days. We do offer additional ad hoc bookings via our website. Clubs will always be open when school is open. However if there are unexpected school closures, such as snow days, we will still charge. You will NOT be charged on days when the Clubs are unable to open due to pre-arranged events such as school inset days.

DEPOSIT AND REGISTRATION – We require a completed registration form and registration fee of £10 to become a member of ABC-XYZ Childcare Ltd.(fee waived for all existing families September 2016) This covers membership of ABC Breakfast Club and XYZ After School Club. Registration confirms acceptance of our “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”. A deposit is required to reserve your place of £20 per child per session booked across a week. This is refundable when you leave the Club subject to T&C’s.

COLLECTING CHILDREN – Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that they or a nominated person collect their children before the end of their booked session. There may be occasions that you are unable to collect your child. In this situation please ensure we have been given prior notice in writing/email/text, of who will be collecting. For the protection of your children, they will only be released to a nominated person. Please have a local emergency contact who would be able to collect on your behalf at short notice.

EMERGENCY SNOW CLOSURE – Please note that we will always open if school is open. Should you receive notification that your school is closed then unfortunately we will have to close also. This applies to all our clubs – Breakfast, Lunch and After school. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 07799 855850.


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